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"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." - Jim Rohn.

Being a successful influencer is like any other profession -- there are best practices and habits that will give you the edge. If you genuinley form the habits below, you will see significant results long-term. 

5 Successful Habits:

  1. Re-post on your personal account. By creating a personal account we can double your growth (we grow personal accounts for free at no added costs for all VIP clients). Repost all your appropriate Story posts from your main account to your personal page.

  2. Text us for reposts. Text our hotline anytime you are tagged in any content or reposted on large accounts. We can target the followers of the accounts that engaged with these posts. 

  3. Maintain quality content. Never post any posts that don't have you in the frame. No motivational words as a post, no pictures of food. No content that doesn't have you in it. These posts won't perform as well as other posts, they're poor performance will hurt your overall profile ranking in Instagram's algorithm. 

  4. Ask questions & polls as often as possible in posts and Story's. 

    Ask questions whenever and wherever you can, whether contextually related to the 
    content, or completely random ones.

    Did you shoot in the desert? Ask something about the desert, ask if your followers gave been, a fun fact about desserts or a little fun story from the shoot - anything. Did you read a certain book on the drive? Talk about that or ask for book recommendations. Milk your content for questions. Questions increase engagement. Increase engagement is how you go viral and gain superfans. 

    Every small or big way a follower engages with you is an incremental benefit in: 

    1) Psychological Commitment - Once a follower comments or likes once they are far more likely to do it again. Further to this, they are far more likely to engage in ways that the algorithm values more, highly - like leaving long comments and DM's. 

    2) Algorithmic Benefit - Their cumulative engagement increases your profile ranking which gives you gold standard in the algorithm. This helps your content rank higher to other ones which increases your odds of hitting the 'Explore' page, and increases your long-term post reach.  

    TIP FOR STORY'S: You can also create poll chains by using high-res photos of you as backdrops to generally interesting questions. For instance, find 5 backdrop pictures and then ask your audience a random question after these. As long as these are questions that people would be interested in seeing responses to this works!

    Example questions: "Which do you prefer cats to dogs?", "Which superpower would you prefer?", "If you had to eat one forever, which one?".  These can be fun, random and playful and serve the benefit of improving your ranking the algorithm. 

  5. Respond to and encourage DM's at every opportunity.  DM's are a type of engagement that the algorithm thinks really highly of -- so you want as many active DM's as possible. 

    So, how do you encourage DM's at scale? Take screenshots of DM's you like and conversations you have with your followers and upload them to your Sory. This is proof you read your DM's. This increases the likelihood of people DM'ing you as they know you read them. You should also ask questions in your Story's asking questions that ask people questions, then post your replies or thanks to them as the next Story. 

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