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What: Your posts will now be 'saved' by others in our engagement groups, in return you'll do the same for them.

24 hours after the post has gone live it will then be unsaved by everyone. This means you will also automatically unsave everyones posts that you automatically saved too -- this is simply done to prevent cluttering your 'save' feed.

Why? Posts go viral when the algorithm features them on the Explore page. The algorithm features only high-quality posts on the Explore page. To determine if a post is 'high quality', Instagram uses a posts statistics to determine this. These stats include how many likes, comments and saves the post has compared to how many people saw it.  The higher this number the better.

When looking at these, Instagram's algorithm values different engagement differently. For example, a 'like' is less valuable than a 'save' because you don't often save content, but you do 'like' a lot. Therefore, to distinguish great content from good content, the algorithm looks at higher value actions like Saves to decide what to feature on Explore. 

So, by auto saving each other's posts, we significantly improve the ranking of your posts in the algorithm, as 'saves' is a key metric that's now being used. By doing this we increase your organic reach and increase the odds of your post being featured on the Explore page to go viral. 



What: Our auto story viewing functions allows us to watch hundreds of Story's on your behalf every day. 


Why? This allows another way to connect with new potential followers, AND a new way to engage with your current followers. Our software will now watch your followers Instagram Story's. As they follow you, you will appear high up in their list of who viewed their Story's. The aim here is to make your followers feel special as if you had really watched their Story's. Ultimately, by doing this we hope that your followers will become more engaged followers from this excitement -- given they would assume you actually watched their Story.

In addition, we'll also be viewing the Story's of people who don't follow you, with the aim to further grow your current following.


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