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What are engagement groups?

Want to be in authentic influencer engagement groups? Tap here to apply to work with us. Engagement groups, or 'boost groups' are networks of accounts that like your posts. This increases your post reach, and increase the odds of your posts going viral.

Why do they work?

Your posts are not shown to all of your followers. The number of followers that see your post is called your 'reach'. The amount of reach you're given is decided with a formula.

This formula is called "the algorithm". With millions of uploads every day, Instagram needs a system to decide what posts to show you in your feed, and in what order to do this. Instagram also needs a way of deciding what posts are high quality enough to feature on the 'Explore' page where they can go viral with millions of views and likes.

All of these decisions happen hundreds of times per second with "The Algorithm".

The algorithm (a formula) decides what posts are 'high quality' and 'low quality', and which deserve the coveted opportunity to be featured on the 'Explore' page using 'Engagement Ratios'.

Engagement ratios are your posts stats. For instance, the ratio of the number of people that saw your posts in the feed and engaged with it, vs the number of people who saw it and did nothing. If most people saw it and skipped over it, it's likely a low-quality post. However, if most people saw your content and liked, comment, saved and shared that post in a DM to friends -- it's likely a very high-quality post.

Instagram's algorithm monitors your posts engagement to decide it's quality, the more engagement it has the higher quality it likely is. Given that more engagement ranks the post as higher quality, engagement groups work to increase your posts engagement ratios so the algorithm sees your post as a high-quality post. As a result of these efforts, your posts are more likely to go viral as the and get more long-term organic reach.

How We Manipulate The Algorithm At Model Connect

With our intimate understanding of the algorithm, we've built the most effective engagement groups on Instagram.  The algorithm looks at all engagement differently. As a user, you "like" a lot of content, you might also "comment" on a lot... but you rarely "save" a post. Because of this algorithm doesn't value a like as much as a save. Given you only rarely save a post, it means that when you do that post must be really good. This is what we call "The Engagement Hierarchy".  In "The Engagement Hierarchy" gives different engagement types a different level of importance. For instance, comments are more valuable than likes and saves more valuable than comments and so matter more in improving engagement stats enough to help you go viral. Because of this our engagement groups also include saves, where accounts in our network automatically save your posts when they go out, significantly increasing your post engagement ratios using one of the most highly valued metrics that the algorithm looks at.  In addition to this, there is also a hierarchy within engagement types. For example, not all comments are valued equally. A one-word emoji comment isn't as valuable as a comment that's tagging someone. Because of this all of our engagement groups like and save to maximize the effectiveness of our efforts. 

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