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Lesson 12: Renengagement

The Short Version:

  • Engage with your ghost followers to convert them into engaged followers

  • Reward and incentivize your engaged followers

  • This is done to create a long-term relationship and ensure continued long-term engagement

This a system we've created at ModelGram e to reward and incentivize engagement.

Our re-engagement campaigns create a relationship with your most engaged followers and convert your ghost followers into active, engaged ones. 

Reward Your Followers Engagement

It's' pretty simple, we automatically like all the comments on your posts - to reward this engagement. This increases the likelihood of these users commenting and liking on future posts. It also shows that you value their engagement, helping to build a relationship. 

We further strengthen this relationship and reward engagement more by liking the posts of your most engaged followers. These are people who like and comment on your content (on both accounts). This is done to further reward their engagement, and increase the likelihood of continued long-term engagement.

Covert Ghost Followers Into Engaged Ones

Then, at the other end of the spectrum, we also like the posts of your least engaged (ghost) followers. The aim here is to get these followers attention and turn them into active, engaged followers. Often times followers do not realize that they are ghost followers, as the algorithm simply stops showing your posts to them high up in the feed.

This happens if for instance there are other pages they follow who are posting a lot and they often engage with them. In this case, Instagram will serve them content they engage with a lot, which may mean they'll get higher placement in the feed than you. Because of this, your posts can then be shown less as they are outranked in the algorithm by these posts - all without the followers even realizing it. So, the aim of engagement groups is to also find these ghost followers and like their content to re-engage them.

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