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Lesson 11: Monitor Reposts

The Short Version:

  • Keep a log of everyone who reposts your pictures and videos

  • This including brands that you go on shoots for who then post pictures of you

  • It also includes model and beauty pages that re-post you

  • Then, contact the Model Connect team and we'll target those all those that engage with this media.

Large beauty and model will often repost your content - with or without your approval. The usual reaction for those reposting without approval is to ask them to take it down - DO NOT DO THIS. Instead, keep a log of every page that posts about you.

Once you have this list of re-posts, contact the Model Connect team and we'll target those that engaged with these posts of you. This will result in a very high percentage of them following you, as they’ve already liked or commented with your media anyway - making it highly likely they’ll follow you. You can do this exact thing with brands that you shoot with too, keeping a record of their posts of your shoots with them. Our team will then target the Instagram users that engage with these posts about you.

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