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Monthly Tasks

  1. Create a shoutout chain with 4 influencers -  Exchange Story shoutouts with at least 4 unique influencers from any niche once per month. Aim for one every week. 

  2. Co-live with a total of 4 separate -  Co-live streaming is a great, quick way to get exposure to a whole new audience. Every time an influencer co-lives with you they bring their audience, if they leave after their audience still says in your Livestream. Repeat this back to back with other influencers and you can force your way on to 'Top Lives' in Instagram. 

  3. 1 post for post exchange -  Featuring other models on your page in exchange for them doing the same is a great way to grow, if done tastefully. To do this try to go on casual, candid shoots with models. Stockpile this content and mutually agree to post it in a month with captions such as: "miss @othermodel so much!", or get creative with captions for eachother, like: "@othermodel is feeling down go show some love on her page and say nice things to her guys!".


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