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Post-Viral Strategy

Are you already viral on Instagram? Don't just be excited, now you have to capitalize on it... 

As we know, you go viral by being featured on the 'Explore' page. That's where you can generate millions of views even if you have 30,000 followers.


However, there's a problem... 


As a user when you're on the 'Explore' page you'll often be scrolling pretty fast. That means that even if you like or comment on a post, you'll likely not follow the account you engaged with... instead, you'll continue scrolling down the 'Explore' page feed to continue engaging with other posts. 


Why does that matter? 


It means that if you do get featured the 'Explore' page you can generate millions of views and tens of thousands of likes on a post but only grow by 3,000 followers. This is because people engaged with your post but didn't go as far as to follow you, instead they continued scrolling too. 

So, how you capitalize on a viral post?  

To get more followers from viral posts you should immediately contact a Runway Media member. This is because we'll specifically target everyone who engaged with your viral post but didn't go as far as to follow you.

Let's say you usually get 1,000 likes on a post. However, you just went viral and got 50,000 likes... but you only grew by 3,000 followers. This means that there are likely around 47,000 people who engaged with your post on the 'Explore' page but didn't follow you. 
To encourage those people to follow you, our team will automatically engage with these people as it's highly likely that they'll follow back your account after doing this. Because of this, you should never just be excited by going viral, you should wait for the post to stop going viral and then contact us ASAP. 

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