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Welcome to Connect VIP

You're here because you've been shortlisted for potential to become an elite influencer. 


To get to that point will require changes, learning, work and patience. With our experience we will walk you through this journey together. 


Our team has grown influencers from scratch to millions of Facebook and Instagram followers. We've generated over a billion social views and it all comes down to one thing -- consistency. For that reason we have some house rules, which if broken can lead to termination of VIP membership. 

House Rules: 

  • Treat your social media with the respect of business assets. 

  • Uphold our influencer code of conduct.

  • List your managers' information on your bio and replace all email addresses with their contact details.

  • Trust in our process and have patience.  

  • Complete your set task daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

  • Ask questions if anything is not clear.

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