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Instagram Growth Strategist (Part-Time OR Full-time)

Title: Instagram Growth Strategist

Compensation: $15 / hour 

Expect hours per month: 40-50

Location: Beverly Hills (remote ok)




At Runway Media we empower models and brands through Instagram. Founded by @jamesshamsi and @heyimadam, Runway Media's perfected social growth to a science. Using our expertise our team's grown influencers from 0 to 2 million on Instagram, 0 to 12 million on Facebook and driven over 900 million views in total.





You’ll be responsible for analyzing and optimizing the Instagram growth efforts for our models and brands.


This includes using our follow/unfollow and auto-liking automation technology to continually improve models Instagram growth rates. This not a technical role, but a data analysis and strategist role. The typical process includes: 


  1. Logging client into our automation software

  2. Strategizing what targeting will work best for each client. For example, a model targeting a model with the same looks might not work as well as targeting photographers pages followers.

  3. Activating client for auto follows and likes. 

  4. Review automation performance 5 days after targeting update 

  5. Remove all targeting which achieved less than 20% in follower growth from each targeting source. 

  6. Identify patterns among best performing targeting sources to optimize further, keeping the best sources and trying new ones. 

  7. Repeat from step 4


You'll also be running and managing our like and auto save engagement groups.





  • Awareness of how Instagram automation works, ideally with past experience using this.

  • Familiarity with social media marketing and trends

  • Above everything, we hire for potential. You don't need years of experience. Thorough training is provided regardless, so what we look for is a curious and innovative mindset.

  • Willingness to try new ideas even if they fail.

To apply please email the below information to


  • Name, e-mail and phone number

  • Resume

  • Any relevant social links (LinkedIn, Github, Instagram etc)

  • Links to past relevant work

  • Cover letter (short, concise message explaining why you're the best candidate for the role)

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