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Post-Viral Strategy

Are you already viral on Instagram? It's time to step up.

We use our technology to target users who engaged with your post but didn’t follow you when you went viral on Explore.. 

Let's say you get 1,000,000+ views on some videos... but you grow by 8,000 followers from it. 


Why does that happen?


Well, posts on Explore tend to gain comments and likes, but don’t immediately increase followers. This is because these people will usually engage with your content when they see it on Explore, but then continue scrolling. Most don't click through to your profile to then follow you. 

So how you capitalize on a viral post?  

To get more followers from viral posts, Runway Influence uses tech to find these people that don't follow you but engaged with you. We then encourage them to follow you by engaging with them on your behalf.

This can be in the form of liking their posts or following and unfollowing them once they've followed back. As a result, most users will not only come back to your profile and follow you, but they're also proven to become highly engaged followers. 

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