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THE SHORT VERSION: Use 3-5 hashtags. 


  • Excessive hashtag use (like > 15) hurts your reach and discoverability on a hashtag feed because the algorithm sees it as spammy.

  • The algorithm only wants to show you high quality and relevant posts. Too many hashtags imply lack of focus and quality of relevance.

  • Leaving a hashtag bomb as your second comment is fine - you don’t need it in your caption.

We don’t advise using more than 3-5 hashtags at any one point. The reason for this is simple…


Think about the pages that use big hashtag bombs in their captions. These types of pages are usually low quality, spammy pages. They’re sticking in every possible hashtag to get seen as much as possible. Instagram prefers a focused, high-quality approach. You show them that you fit this category by using focused and high-quality hashtags. By doing this, you’ll rank better in that specific hashtag feed.


It's fine to leave your hashtags as a comment under your caption. These still count the same and look more pleasing to the eye!

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