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Why Is Model Connect Special? 

Unlike other growth services, we are a team of data-driven nerds. We test everything we do. Once a week we test different targeting methods for you and optimize this every time - removing poor targeting, keeping what works, and testing new opportunities. With our strategies we've grown influencers from 0 to 9 million on Facebook, and 0 to 1 million on Instagram.



Will We Unfollow People You've followed?


No - We automatically whitelist everyone you already follow, and anyone you choose to follow yourself in the future. This way we never follow, unfollow or engage with people that you've followed yourself.

Can I Cancel Anytime?

Yes - Our service is month-to-month service. This gives you total freedom, and keeps us on our toes to make sure we provide excellent service.

How Do I Start?

Once you've chosen the best package for you here, change your password to something you do not use for anything else. Then email us this new login info and we'll get you set up within 48 hours.

Is This Confidential?

We never disclose whom we work with or any sensitive account information. This includes account details, insights, growth rates, brand deal information and more. We work with celebrities and influencers so highly respect your privacy and confidentiality needs.

How Much Will My Following Grow?

it's not possible to give an accurate growth estimate, as this varies depending on your content and unique page style. We understand it's an important question though, so we're happy to offer a 1-week trial to give you an idea of the kind of growth you can expect long-term. In our first month working with a new client, we run several tests to see what works best for them. We then use this data to optimize our strategy to ensure that our clients get the highest growth possible long-term. 

Questions? Email us here.

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