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To help you develop and maintain these habits long-term we've crafted this program. To remain a VIP member you must complete these daily, weekly and monthly tasks below.

Following these instructions faithfully will create superfans that will buy products and stay engaged long-term, and help you to grow your network and go viral. 



Daily Tasks:

  1. Aim to upload a Story's every day - Avoid excessive photos of food or scenery if you are not in profile. This isn't interesting to followers and will lead to more swipes as a habit when they see your Story's come up. Use Minimal filters that don't distort or cover your face too much. Use Story's to walk people through your day with candid selfie videos to build real authentic connections

  2. Reply to 10 DM's - These quick replies can often create long-term superfans who's excitement from your reply will last months or more.

  3. Comment 10 comments on random followers posts -  Similarly, this 5-minute activity can creative long-term supers.

  4. Like & reply to comments on your post - Reward follower engagement. 

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