"Adult stars don’t have power—the agents do" - The Daily Beast


"At Model Connect we want to fix what's wrong with the adult industry. We give models back the power, and help to grow and monetizes audiences long-term.


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What We Do

Influencer Mentoring

We work closely with you on a 1:1 basis to develop you as an influencer.

Following Growth

We grow a highly targeted, monetizeable following for you.

Digital Marketing 

We handle it all, from creating websites to optimizing your sales.

We work with you as a team. 


Our Goal: Develop you as a brand long-term.

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Who Are We?

We Build Influencers 

Our team has grown influencers from 0 to 5M on Instagram and 0 to 15M on Facebook.

We Build Companies

We've helped over 350 brands build their complete digital marketing strategies. From Kickstarters raising $1 million in 30 days to influencers earnings six figures every month.

We Think Long-Term

When we work with you we invest our time into you. This includes building your entire brand end-to-end, in-person influencer training and much more.

Our 3 Step Influencer Creation Process

1. First, we learn about you.

We want to know where you want your brand to be in 5 years. What you want to be known for and what your interests are. 

2. Then, we create a tailored unique strategy.

Together, we'll build a plan tailored to you to achieve your 5 year goals. For example, if you enjoy gaming, this plan might include introducing you to gaming streamers to help you grow a monetizeable following in that niche too. 

3. We work together

Simply put, we get to it! With ongoing open communication between us, we work together to analyze how effective our current efforts are in achieving all of your long-term goals. We find what works, we lose what doesn't and we keep building and improving together.

"Everything we do is tailored to youWhen you apply and go through our interview proccess we'll explore different ways we can help achieve your unique goals". 


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